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Luke Sheppard

Master The Tools You Need to Run a Great Business

Luke Sheppard

Speaker • Consultant • Coach • Author

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About the Book

While an engineer and executive in the construction equipment industry, Luke Sheppard had an epiphany as he engaged with entrepreneurs and managers worldwide: many of their challenges and frustrations were alarmingly consistent, regardless of industry.

Yes, the results were often achieved, through brute force and persistence, but at an unacceptably high human cost. Burnout, turnover, and low engagement were the norm and not the exception. Sheppard discovered that living a balanced life while running a great business was at odds


Driving Great Results is about much more than just the end goal. It’s about how you get there and the impact you have on people along the way. As managers, we know that we need to make good decisions, communicate effectively, lead empathetically, and execute consistently. The problem is that we’re often so busy and stuck in the weeds that we rarely do any of these things well.


And therein lie the frustrations.


Sheppard realized that there are four fundamental competencies (and 19 tools) that every manager or entrepreneur needs to master to successfully tackle these frustrations, live a balanced life, and Drive Great Results.

"This is a great guide to producing real results with practical advice for business leaders."
Brian P. McGuire, President & CEO, Association of Equipment Distributors

“A masterful book destined to improve your entrepreneurial best practices.”
Dan Pontefract, leadership strategist and best-selling author of Lead. Care. Win. and Open to Think.

"Driving Great Results is more than a leadership book, it’s a working tool that both experienced and aspiring leaders will value immensely. " 
Chris Holmes, CEO (Retired) Nortrax, a John Deere Company

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