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McDonald Master's Program in
Dealer Development ©

Delivered by Sheppard & Company  

The gold standard in dealer development.

The very best industry-specific machinery and aftermarket sales and operations improvement workshop for Company Executives, Location Managers, Department Managers, and Financial Managers to help improve profitability, return on assets, and cash flow, sharpen teamwork and build management problem-solving skills. 

Experience matters.

For more than 45 years, years, McDonald Group programs and workshops have been trusted by dealers to help improve market share, bolster profitability, increase absorption rate and strengthen customer retention.



Work as a team to audit each revenue center’s operations against our detailed high-performance dealer best practices checklist.



Identify and discuss the critical success factors for each revenue center that contribute to enhanced cash flow, profitability, and improved market share, especially after-sales operations.



Collaborate as a management group to develop action plans to improve sales, profitability, and growth in each revenue center. Build performance improvement plans critical to your success.

The Program

The Master's Program in Dealer Management is a 3-day in-company workshop, customized for the needs of your equipment business. Skilled facilitators guide your management team toward action plans to improve sales, profitability, and growth in each revenue center.

3-day workshop agenda

Customer Service & 


Parts Operations

Service Operations

Used & Reconditioned Machinery Operations

Rent/Hire Equipment Operations

New Equipment Sales Management

After-sales Marketing Strategy

Strategic Actions Plans for Improvement

Case Study/Analysis

Interested in significantly improving your operational performance?  Contact us today to learn more about the McDonald Master's Program.

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